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“Turkey:  Why It Matters”

If many Americans have any reaction at all to modern Turks and their society, it is often negative.  Our images of this vibrant country have been shaped more by Hollywood films – or more recently, vaguely disturbing media headlines assuming that the government and society are joining the ranks of conservative Islamic-dominated countries like Iran or Saudi Arabia.  A firm and important military and economic ally of the U.S. since 1947, Turkey has been democratically wrestling with the growing domestic political power of Islam.  Will the secularly-inclined Turks continue to dominate their society  — or will those favoring a greater public role for religion and more conservative social mores dominate?   The process and outcome are important to America – and in some ways similar to the political and social influence of our own growing conservative religious politics.   Understanding Turkey’s similarities and differences – and our own geopolitical interests – is important as Americans debate our role in a new Europe and Middle East.

A retired American diplomat with nearly a dozen years of experience in Turkey, Greece and Cyprus, he has continued his dialogue with former Turkish professional contacts and friends, and is uniquely qualified to discuss the significance of modern Turkey and the importance of the American-Turkish relationship.

Written by davegrimland

August 25, 2008 at 4:05 pm

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