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“THE ISLAM LIST” eMAILS: how to sign up

Those who have heard one or more of my presentations know that I offer to pass on items of interest from the national and international press, web blogs, and insightful comments from foreign friends.

To sign up for these eMails, please send me a short message at grimland.d@gmail.com, telling me your name and your city/state or country, some idea of where you may have heard me or heard of the list.  I’ll confirm that I’ve gotten your request.

(Important note:)  If you wish to receive the Islam eMails at an eMail location different from the location/address you are using for your requesting eMail, please be sure to note in the message your preferred name and address for receiving these messages.  (I can “capture” an address electronically more accurately that way.)

Please sign up only for your own self, not a friend.  Ask that individual to eMail me and let me know of their interest and the “ground rules.” 

And finally, please understand that I can only relay this material by electronic mail  – not fax or letter.)

My self-imposed “groundrules:”

  • I try to emphasize the religious as well as the political issues arising out of Islam, and I do not avoid stories that dwell  on U.S. politics or the military aspects of the war(s) we are currently fighting.  Be assured that the subject will indeed involve “Islam” in some way.

  •  My intention is to continue to bring to those interested in the subject relevant information, either on the history of Islam or its current practice or its relations with the West.  Sometimes the material is merely explanatory;  sometimes I include deliberately provocative or negative observations which challenge us to thoughtfully consider other views.

  • I hide (using the “undisclosed recipients” function) the recipients’ eMail addresses for privacy;

  • I do not pass on jokes or urban legends or dire virus warnings;

  • I usually do a short introduction to the items I send out, trying to put the subject in context — and obviously reveal my bias in the process;

  • I do not mind return eMails reacting to the items I send out, but may not have time to respond in detail.  If you receive Islamaphobic eMails from others, do a little research on your own (I use  www.snopes.comhttp://smearcasting.com/, and http://www.loonwatch.com/ to try to determine the bias of the sender.  You may then respond to the sender in whatever way is appropriate to your relationship.  But I urge people never to “pass this incoming message on to everyone on your mail list;”  that’s usually a sure sign that it’s bogus in some way;

  • Recipients are welcome to forward the material to others who may be interested;

  • I assume that recipients have access to cable or broadband reception, and therefore the messages or attachments may sometimes be too large for those still on dial-up.

  • If recipients spot something in their own reading which they think may be of interest to those on the list, you’re welcome to pass it on to me.  I certainly don’t mind reading and considering forwarding it (without attribution to the sender).  I ask only that you observe the same ground rules on content.  Please include the original source of the article:  its web URL or at least the name and date of the published source:  some way of those who would like to find the original for themselves.

  • Sometimes I do a “copy/paste” of the document and add my my own highlighting for emphasis;  sometimes I simply provide the URL for you to click on and find the story yourself, especially if there is other visual or audio material with the story that is helpful or should you wish to check out the original source for yourself.

If any recipient prefers to be taken off, simply send me an eMail so requesting and I’ll take you off, no questions asked.  If you wish to be taken off temporarily (being out of town or otherwise occupied), please tell me a day or so before you leave and I’ll remove you from the list temporarily — and then when you’ve returned, send me an eMail asking me to put you back on the list.

Again, please:   I ask that you take the initiative to send me an eMail right before you want off and then again after you return and wish to resume receiving the materials (rather than asking me to remember when to put you back on).  I can’t track all the different dates for folk who are coming and going.

Thank you.

Written by davegrimland

December 29, 2007 at 11:52 pm

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