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No, I’m not a Muslim. 

Nor am I an apologist for Muslims nor am I proselytizing for the Islamic faith.

And I like and dislike Muslims in about the same proportion as I do any other religious, ethnic or gender-identified group.

I did spend most of my almost 30 years in U.S. foreign service public affairs work in countries with Muslim majorities or significant Muslim minorities.  And thanks to the requirements of the job, my (U.S. tax-payer financed) training in languages and cultures, and the kindness and help of foreign contacts and friends, I learned a little about how they see the world.  And how my own culture appears when seen in the mirror of another. 

My purpose in this site and in the presentations is to share that experience and that view with my fellow Americans — especially because we are dependent almost exclusively on only our own media and or political leadership for most of what we know about Islam.  I do not suggest that audiences agree with or even like the world view of others, but simply that we understand the way they see things — and that we understand the usefulness of seeing ourselves as others see us.


In July 2006, I was named to the Humanities Montana Speakers Bureau.  HM’s travel and honorarium grants have made these presentation/discussions available to large and small communities throughout the state.  The response has been overwhelmingly heartening:  audiences have come out in winter snowstorms and summer heat to learn about and discuss the issues that are consuming so many lives and so much money.  And I began to get invitations from other continuing adult education programs — primarily the Osher Lifelong Learning Institutes associated with universities all over the United States — to do multi-session seminars on the many issues concerning Isalm’s history and relations with the West. 


The links on this site offer handout notes, suggestions for further reading and promotional material for sponsors, and the opportunity to contact me and sign up for eMails on the subject of Islam and the West.  (See the link “Islam – the eMail List.”)

Welcome to the site.  As Benjamin Franklin said:

“Even if the Mufti of Constantinople were to come here to preach Muhammed to us and teach us Islam, we should offer him a pulpit;  we should be open and listen, for we might learn something.”



See the relevant page to the right for more on this subject, which has been accepted by the Humanities Monana Speakers Bureau.



This topic is not on the Humanities Montana list, though our family’s personal experience with a roof water collection system on our rural home near Columbus, MT has proven successful in providing all our household and garden water needs, even during the last ten years of drought.  See the link at the right for downloadable diagrams and further reading.


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November 22, 2007 at 12:45 pm

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