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DGrimland press photo 45This is Dave Grimland’s home page, and contains links to his background, the various topics on which his presentations are based (“Islam” and “Turkey”).    



The “Islam” pages to the right contain informational and promotional material related to Dave Grimland’s various topics on Islam.  Publicity photos and handout documents may be downloaded from the pages at the right to your personal computer.  To sign up for “The Islam eMail List” (as mentioned in my presentations), go to the relevant link at the right for a description of the purpose and my personal “ground rules” for what I try to include in these eMails.



If many Americans have any reaction at all to modern Turks and their society, it has often been shaped more by Hollywood films – or more recently — vaguely disturbing and superficial media headlines assuming that the government and society are joining the ranks of conservative Islamic-dominated countries.   Explore the subject further on the “Turkey” link at the right.  ______________________ (Note:  I have not set up the site to allow posted “comments” yet.   If you wish to eMail me directly and privately at dd.grimland@gmail.com, please feel free to do so.)

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